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Maria Millar Complaint Gone to Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

John Mann MP has registered a complaint with the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, John Lyon regarding Maria Miller’s misuse of Parliamentary allowances between her election to Parliament in 2005 and April 2009.  Mr Mann has complained that Maria Millar’s parents lived in the property she had designated as her second home and she claimed Parliamentary allowances to cover the costs of funding this accommodation. 

Mann said “Maria Millar’s circumstances are identical to those of Tony McNulty who allowed his parents to live in his second home rent free and the Committee on Standards and Privileges ruled that he had broken the rules.”

In 2009 the Committee on Standards and Privileges investigated Mr Tony McNulty MP and concluded that “the arrangement Mr McNulty made in accommodating his parents rent-free ... provided an immediate benefit or subsidy from public funds to him and through him to his parents.  Such a benefit was specifically prohibited by Section 3.3.2 of the Green Book Rules of July 2006 and it was against the spirit of the previous rules”.  

John Mann added “it was a dreadful scandal in 2009 when the corrupt expenses claims were first exposed and it remains a scandal that some of our MP’s have still not put their houses in order and voluntarily paid back monies they should not have claimed.  When this failure occurs its only right that a complaint should go to the Commissioner for Standards.  The public wants the best from us and  it looks as if we still have a way to go before we achieve that”.


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