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John Mann MP Celebrates Lee Westwood’s Freedom Accolade

Bassetlaw MP, John Mann is delighted that Bassetlaw Council are awarding local sporting hero, Lee Westwood with Freedom of the District and he is celebrating this by submitting an Early Day Motion supporting the Council’s actions.

John Mann personally nominated Lee Westwood for Bassetlaw’s first ever Freedom of the District of Bassetlaw award.

Mann said “I know that the people of Bassetlaw are very proud of Lee Westwood’s achievements and I am proud that Bassetlaw are celebrating a local sports hero in such an honourable way”.

The EDM reads as follows:

This House welcomes the awarding on Tuesday 20 March of the first ever Freedom of the District of Bassetlaw to Lee Westwood Britain’s top golfer and one of the few UK sports starts to reach the pinnacle of world number 1 in their sport.

This House congratulates Lee on this much deserved accolade and wishes him well in his golfing throughout 2012.

This House notes with approval that Lee Westwood has remained loyal to his home town of Worksop, remained active in local golf and in particular has used his iconic status to encourage young people to take up golf.

This House congratulates Worksop Golf Club for the support it has given  Lee in his  golf career and recognises the importance of Kilton Forest municipal golf course in providing Lee Westwood with his first opportunity to play golf whilst at school in Worksop.


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