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My view from Westminster

Welcome FCA decision on Wonga

11:34 am, Thu 2nd Oct 2014



I welcome today’s latest step by the FCA to crack down on irresponsible pay day lenders. Wonga has taken advantage of people in dire financial circumstances.


I am now calling on the Treasury Select Committee to bring Wonga’s senior management to appear before it and explain how they lent so much money to people it knew could never afford to repay it.


Today’s decision was taken following an investigation by the FCA into the pay day lenders’ relending rates. The investigation showed that it was not taking the necessary steps to ensure that customers could actually repay the money they were being lent.


As a result of today’s news approximately 330,000 people who were in arrears have had their loans totalling £220 million written off and they now owe Wonga nothing. Another 45,000 people who are in arrears of no more than 29 days will have the interest of their loans written.


Sadly, it comes as no surprise to learn that Wonga knowingly lent money to people who will never be able to afford to repay a loan and it is morally right that they have been forced to write off these loans.




Time to introduce a 'Rooney Rule'

05:24 pm, Wed 1st Oct 2014


I have today put forward a Parliamentary motion calling for the introduction of a “Rooney Rule” for English football.


The Rooney Rule is used in the NFL to ensure black and ethnic minority candidates are always represented in the interview process for head coaching positions.


We are missing out on a wealth of talent because black and ethnic minority candidates are underrepresented in top coaching positions.


Now is the time to learn from the success in the US and implement a rule for our national game which ensures that black and ethnic minority candidates get a chance to gain interview experience and a better chance of top management positions.


I am calling for all MPs to support my Parliamentary Motion and do what is right for candidates from all backgrounds and for English football.


The full Parliamentary Motion reads as follows:


"That this House believes that the extremely low number of black and ethnic minority managers means that English football is missing out on a great deal of talent; further notes the success of the Rooney Rule in ensuring that black and ethnic minority candidates are represented in the interview process for head coaching positions in the NFL; recognises that this has led to a welcome increase in the number of black and ethnic minority coaches in the NFL; and calls for the introduction of the Rooney Rule into English football with immediate effect to ensure that our national game becomes more representative of the wider society."





Success: Independent Review into Notts Child Abuse

04:48 pm, Wed 1st Oct 2014



I am delighted that following my request Nottinghamshire County Council has agreed to an ‘Independent Review of Historic Child Abuse in Former Residential Homes.'


I wrote to the County Council several weeks ago calling for such an investigation to be launched given the serious allegations that have been made.


 A number of people have come to me stating that they had been abused and their stories had been ignored by the people who were then in power.


 I look forward to working with the County Council on this issue and encourage those who have been abused to come forward.


Please click on the attached document to view the letter.


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