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Change in speed limit on Farmers Branch





This video shows that there are no signs on Farmers Branch to notify drivers of the change in speed limit. How are people supposed to know?


Apparently the speed limit has changed from a 40 mph limit to 30 mph. I was not informed and clearly few others were. 


Extraordinarily, no speed signs have been put up at all, so how is anyone meant to know? I have no problem with the speed limit coming down, but there should be signs so that the public knows and I can think of dozens of more dangerous roads were speed patrols would be a much higher priority.


I trust that this sneaky way of catching motorists out will not be repeated and that welcome reductions in speed limits are blazed all over so that motorists can get the message – its fairness that people are asking for. 


I am working with an increasing number of local people who believe they have been caught out unfairly. If you think that you have been affected please contact my office on 01909 506200




John Mann, You've got my support!

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