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Save Worksop Court - Sign the Petition


Worksop court is under threat of closure after 800 years of local justice.


The court is perfectly adequate for hearing cases and I am campaigning to save our local justice system.


Please read the text below and fill out the petition to show your support.


Many thanks,




I object to the ending of local justice


To The Secretary of State for Justice and HM Courts & Tribunal Service Notts,


Local justice has been heard in Bassetlaw for over 800 years and I object to the proposals to move the criminal and other hearings from Worksop to Mansfield or Nottingham.

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Fracking in Bassetlaw


There has been a great deal of debate surrounding potential fracking in Bassetlaw recently, and I thought that it would be useful to publicly share my views.


My stance on fracking in Bassetlaw is as follows:  


1.      Each application needs to be dealt with on its merits.


2.      Some locations will be unsuitable and should be stopped.


3.      No drilling should be taking place within 2km of any village


4.      Each company involved needs to be assessed for whether it has a good track record in building wells safely and in safe waste water disposal


5.      The local community needs to be fully consulted and needs to be certain of the safety of its water supplies and that there are no significant adverse impacts on its well being, including all seismic and environmental surveys need to be made available to the local community


6.      The local transport infrastructure needs to be suitable


7.      There must be no possibility of ground water contamination


8.      There must be no licences for new boreholes or water extraction from rivers, so no use of local water reserves


9.      Any pay back into local authorities must be used exclusively to retrofit local schools, churches, health facilities and residents with green energy


10.  I have established a monitoring committee to assess any application independently of the regulators and planning authority



On this basis I did not oppose the anaerobic digester at Walters Farm in Lound, nor the tapping of natural gas at Beckingham.


My view of the Dart Energy site at Lound is that it fails to meet most of the criteria listed above.


In particular the site is a former munitions factory and the risk of ground water contamination is high. This would be devastating well beyond the local area.


Following their track record in Australia I do not consider that Dart Energy is sufficiently good to merit the trust of the local community and their dealing over this particular application has re-enforced that doubt.



I trust that my views are clear.

Contact John

There are several ways to contact John:


By telephone: 01909 506 200
By fax: 01909 532 447
By email:
By post: John Mann MP, Stanley Street, Worksop, Notts. S81 7HX 


When you contact John, please ensure that you include your own contact details including your postal address.


More information on contacting John can be found here.


News from John

Campaign to reduce the speed limit outside our schools


In 2011, 3,404 child pedestrians were injured in a road traffic accident as they made their way to or from school. 594 of these were killed or seriously injured. It has been shown that you are seven times more likely to survive if you are hit by a car driving at 20mph than if you are hit at 30mph. When 20mph limits have been introduced elsewhere there was a 21% reduction in road casualties.

I support the campaign to reduce speed limits outside our schools

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John's Column

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